Staging Tips You Need to Know (And How We Can Help!)

Staging Tips You Need to Know (And How We Can Help!)

  • Sandro Dazzan
  • 02/7/23

If there’s anything HGTV has taught the masses, it’s that changing the appearance of a home can make all the difference in selling it. You can go from having an unsellable house to moving yours quickly with the right first impression. So often, sellers get caught up in the home they’ve loved, and what it’s meant to them, forgetting all about the new story a buyer will be telling there soon.

By creating an inviting space for others to imagine their story playing out, your home does the work of selling itself. People make purchases for many reasons, but the biggest one is how they feel. Make viewers feel like your home not only could be their next home but should be their next home, and you’ll be fighting off offers. To do that, you have to know the ins and outs of staging a house and remember there’s never any shame in having to ask for help.

First impressions and curb appeal

First impressions are everything in Malibu, not just in meeting people but in all aspects of life. A buyer's first impression of your home is the front of the house. That’s why curb appeal is so crucial for properly staging a house. It sets the tone for the rest of the experience. A perfectly updated and modeled home with a messy lawn and a lack of fresh paint may keep buyers from entering. For those who make it past the front door, there may be considerable hesitation over overgrown hedges.

Instead of allowing the front of your house to cause buyers to hesitate, let your home's curb appeal make them stop in awe for a moment. You want to take their breath away from the first moment they see your house. That may mean painting your door a dynamic color, or it may just mean updating a few things. What’s important is that the exterior is clean, the paint is updated, and the vegetation is all well maintained. Everything should look recently pruned, and where appropriate, consider the design of your space. Malibu real estate is all about connecting indoor and outdoor spaces and transitioning seamlessly. So you need more than a clean lawn. You need an eye-catching and inviting space. It should already look like somewhere buyers want to spend their time.

Cleaning out for a fresh start

Once you enter the house, it’s time to start cleaning. You’ll want to declutter the space from your everyday living items. While it may be convenient to have these things accessible to you, buyers will be overwhelmed with the elements of your life instead of focusing on the beauty of your home.

Decluttering isn’t just about clearing the spaces from daily items. It’s also a matter of eliminating some of your personal touches. This can be hard for homeowners; however, years in the real estate business have shown that buyers prefer a blank slate to imagine their lives. By eliminating family photos and other personal touches, you allow possible new homeowners to see themselves in your home. Once they start imagining their life there, they will quickly sell themselves on your house.

Throughout this process, there’s a certain balance that needs to be maintained. You don’t want to create such a blank space that potential buyers don’t know what to do with your home. Keeping a certain level of personality for the house adds a layer of interest for the new homeowner. Striking that balance can be difficult for the untrained eye. That’s why a quality real estate agent can be crucial to this process. There’s so much for a homeowner to learn when selling. Delegating tasks and asking for directions on what to pack away helps you to get the staging right the first time. 

Creating the perfect look

Malibu is a market of its own, and there’s no surprise when viewing pristine Broad Beach homes and Malibu estates. To create the perfect look that upholds the area's standards and entices buyers to pick your home, you’ll need the right accessories. Creating a look of opulence is all about the texture of a blanket, the feel of a rug, and the balance of furniture. You need pops of color that excite but don’t overwhelm. Too much can create tunnel vision for buyers, impairing their ability to see their vision.

On the other hand, too little can be utterly uninspiring. You want the accessories to spell out a life for buyers that they’ll desire. Bathrooms should have plush towels that have never been used, bedrooms with inviting beds, and living spaces should demonstrate potential uses. In some cases, it may just be a matter of rearranging furniture in a room or between multiple rooms. In others, it may be utilizing a room in a way you never have before or in a more traditional manner than usual.

These are the decisions that a real estate agent is here to help you with so you’re not going under or overboard. Instead, a good agent will help you get buyers on board, assuring you of the best price for your home.

The grand finale

The viewing ends in the backyard, and Malibu real estate is known for its epic outdoor spaces. They have stunning views, grand terraces, and luxurious seating. You don’t have to hire masonry to build you a cozy outdoor fireplace to turn your backyard into the stunning grand finale that will leave buyers talking, either.

Once the basics are perfected, and the grounds are in tight order, you’ll need a few accessories and maybe some changes in furniture. Creating multiple spaces gives buyers a sense of a larger yard, whether you have one or not. In addition, it provides more subversive opportunities for buyers. They may not be avid swimmers, but the image of them sipping coffee and looking out at the ocean may be precisely what they’re seeking. Give them all the potential they’re seeking in a home with the gentle guidance most buyers need.

Simplify the process with the right agent

Finding the balance between these elements may seem overwhelming, and that’s what real estate agents are here for – to guide you through each twist and turn. Expert real estate agent Sandro Dazzan prides himself on the attentive services he provides, with a meticulous eye from start to finish, assuring everything will go smoothly. Reach out today to get started.

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